What’s coming in microbiology?: Changes, innovations and biologicals with greater prominence

Eduardo Donoso, phytopathologist and R&D director of Bio Insumos Nativa, shares his opinion regarding the topics that are most discussed in the field.

Eduardo Donoso, phytopathologist and R&D director of Bio Insumos Nativa.

There is an important demand from the markets to reduce waste and remove various chemical products from the programs, some significant for walnut trees, almond trees and other pits, such as the use of copper, where restrictions on its use are occurring, beyond of the possibility of residues remaining on the fruit, but because it is a heavy metal and generates a negative impact on the soil.The fungicide, Mancozeb, which is indicated for the prevention of numerous fungal diseases of a wide variety of crops, is also used to reduce the risk of resistance by pathogenic bacteria to copper, however it is one of the products that “comes “exit” from the market, since endocrine effects associated with Alzheimer’s have been seen. Currently, the European Community has already banned it, which will generate restrictions on its use in countries that export to that market.Along the same lines, copper restrictions are going to completely change the management of important diseases such as the Black Death, which currently has two or three applications in the central zone, which can be easily replaced with biologicals. On the other hand, in the south there are 16 to 18 applications per season, so it would be more difficult to solve.The complexity lies in the fact that they are old and cheap products, so all the other alternatives are much more expensive and a management strategy is required that allows the same level of control to be obtained with fewer applications of other products, since otherwise profitability would be reduced.

Resistance inductor, one way

What is quite strong in terms of management are products such as TANIRI (WP), a biostimulant based on Pseudomonas protegens, which acts as a natural growth promoter, improving plant development and helping to better cope with environmental stress conditions. in the tree.This resistance inducer causes the plant to generate defenses and with that an integrated control strategy is inserted, in addition to improving the control of the disease, not one hundred percent, but at a level that is acceptable.This is super interesting for walnut and almond trees, which ideally with fewer applications and wetting, better levels of control are achieved. This is all on an experimental level.“We hope that in two more seasons we will have consistent results with the resistance inducer.”If we make applications during pruning or leaf fall and colonize the buds with biologicals (Nacillus), regardless of when we do it, if it is before sprouting it will generate a significant impact on the level of incidence of the disease in the following season. . That has two interesting things, one that is innovative and two that allows you to start the season in better condition and that makes all the rest of the management easier.In the soil there is a transcendent opportunity because biologicals in the soil work excellently, better than chemicals in controlling diseases, but they also stimulate root growth and make plants much more efficient.Currently, we are seeing in cereals, tomatoes and potatoes that we can reduce fertilization up to half while maintaining the same yields, that reduces a lot of environmental impact, costs, since fertilizers are increasingly more expensive, and in turn with that It also lowers the carbon footprint since you replace a chemical.Generally it is replacing a kilo of chemicals with one of biological, but if you take out half of the fertilizers or 30% of them, you are talking about tons and that is less ships, trucks and less logistics moving all this, which already It does lower the carbon footprint.“There is a super important opportunity to lower costs and reduce the carbon footprint at the same time with applications that are very powerful to improve gardens.”.

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