Bio Insumos Nativa: Chilean company leader in biological registrations in Brazil.


We are a Chilean company with 21 years of experience dedicated to the development, production and marketing of agricultural inputs of biological origin, which offer cutting-edge solutions to improve the productivity and protection of fruit trees, vegetables and crops in a natural and sustainable way.

Our company has achieved a historic milestone in Brazil that makes us proud. We have become one of the Chilean companies with the most biological records in this country, expanding our commitment to sustainable agriculture in the world. Brazil has validated the quality, safety and effectiveness of our biological inputs, which meet the highest international quality standards.

The entry into the Brazilian market adds to the internationalization of our operations that have successfully brought our biotechnological innovations to thousands of farmers in Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, and soon to Argentina, Mexico and the United States.

We take this news as an impetus to continue developing, growing and offering the best solutions for different farmers in the world. We will not rest so that our products continue to be a sustainable and effective option, which optimizes agricultural production in order to obtain quality and waste-free food, now adding to the Brazilian market.

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Bio Insumos Nativa Chile and Bio Insumos Nativa Brasil, biological products for sustainable agriculture.

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