Bacterial cancer

On this occasion, journalist Andrea Garrido talks with Eduardo Donoso, Director of Research and Development of Bio Insumos Nativa. How to prevent or detect bacterial cancer? What to do about this disease? We will tell you about it in the next chapter co-produced with Martínez & Valdivieso, official distributor of Bio Insumos Nativa.

Effect of Mamull (WP) on the control of Gnomoniopsis in chestnut trees

Eduardo Donoso, phytopathologist and R&D director of Bio Insumos Nativa, recounts his experience in this trial that he carried out together with José Pablo Correa, TriNuts chestnut advisor. Eduardo Donoso, phytopathologist and R&D director of Bio Insumos Nativa. Fungi are a constant problem in various crops, with this premise we decided to carry out a […]


Incorporation of new distributors Summit Agro Perú and Disagro.


Incorporation of Summit Agro Chile as distributor.


T-inside, Ti subsidiary with multispectral monitoring applied to agriculture.


Obtaining 2 new patents in the USA. Bafex-N® (Nematecide and root promoter) and Betk-03® (Insecticide for 3 strains of Bacillus Thuringiensis).


Launch of the Jardines Line.


Obtaining a Patent in the USA for Bactericide-Fungicide.


1- Creation of the First Bactericide-Fungicide to control Sygatoka in banana.

2- Start of Exports.